Monday, February 2, 2009

Cloth Diapering Boutique now open at The Quilted Bear!

You can now purchase cloth diapering supplies at Provo's "Quilted Bear". Located in Booth L-12 You can currently purchase: Whamies, Dream Eze, Pocket change, Drybees cloth diapers along with tea tree oil, grandma el's diaper cream, snappis, prefold diapers, plus more. Fuzzi bunz are on their way toward the end of the week plus wipe solutions! You'll also find PUL diaper cuts, touch tape, and kits if sewing diapers is for you. Come check out Little Rabbits!


Catherine said...

Wow, this is great! I'm so excited that there's cloth diapering stuff going on in Utah county! Baby Girl and I will be making a trip to the Quilted Bear.

Lydia said...

I have cloth diapers for sale.
I live in Provo.

Suzie said...

I visited your booth last week and I was wondering if you could get some RLR diaper laundry treatment, some bummis liners and maybe some cuts of printed pul in your booth.

Would you be interested in adding some wool to the booth too? My sister is a fantastic crochet/knitter, maybe you could add some of her stuff on consignment?

Just some thoughts, I really want your booth to be a success, I love having products available to touch, see and feel. And I want more people to learn about cd'ing.

Thanks for opening the booth!

Alison Roberts said...

Thanks Suzie, I love suggestions for the booth. It's hard to know what to stock it with, I am currently working on your suggestions. I currently have some fun printed PUL on the way. In the beginning I wasn't a big printed pul fan, but I have located a few co-ops where they sell polyester printed PUL, which works a little better than a cotton printed PUL. Also I have been trying the Chloe's Toes diaper pattern with the printed PUL and it works great!

I would love adding some wool to the booth, you should hook me up with your sister! I don't knit, but wish I could!!

Rochelle Barlow said...

Hey! I've been to your booth twice so far and have bought 6 dipes, a snappi, and some PUL fabric. I am SOOO happy that you have a booth, and it's so so close to me! Yay for me! Boo for my budget! Is there a way for me to contact you with questions? I looked for an email address, but no luck. I bought an AIO that was purple PUL with a purple polka-dotted flannel inner, with a soaker sewn inside. I was wondering if you could tell me how many layers and what fabric the insert is made of? my email is rrruby54 at hotmail dot com.

Alison Roberts said...

Rochelle, I use to make my diapers with 5 layers of flannel for the soaker. I now use 3-4 layers. It has been awhile since I made that diaper, but I am guessing it has 5.

my email is if you want to ask any questions about sewing cloth diapers, or just diaper questions.

Just so you know I have been ordering printed polyester PUL in tons of cute prints. It will be arriving in my booth soon, along with fold over elastic and such!!